How to Work With Angels to Overcome Addiction to Alcohol or Drugs

addicted man in alcohol bottle
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Angels are valuable allies to have in the recovery process from chemical dependency and substance abuse. When you tap into angel healing resources, you increase your power to stop drinking, quit smoking, or break free from a drug habit. Here's how to work with angels to overcome addiction to alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs:

Make the Choice to Change

The first step in the healing process is simple, yet crucial: Decide that you truly want to change.

By using the chemical substance you're addicted to, you're actually trying to meet an important need in your life -- just in the wrong way. That need is for pain relief of some kind. Ask God for guidance about what specific type of pain you're trying to relieve by using alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs. Reach out to your guardian angel (the angel who is closest to you and knows you the best) for discernment, as well. Contact Archangel Raphael (who directs all angelic healing), as well, through prayer or meditation.

Once you figure out the need that is really fueling your addiction, you can choose to meet that need in a healthy way. You'll change only when you're motivated to change. Angels won't interfere with your free will by forcing you to change. But if you do decide to change, that decision will attract angelic support to you.

Ask Archangel Jophiel to Heal Your Thoughts

Everything you do results from how you think. So if you want to change your behavior -- especially a habit that has grown into an addiction -- you need to transform unhealthy thinking patterns into healthy attitudes. Archangel Jophiel (the angel of beauty) is the best angel to empower you to do so because she focuses on changing ugly thoughts to beautiful thoughts.

You can begin your recovery process with Jophiel, who will transform the way you think. Then you can see your addiction from God's perspective and understand that even though it feels good, it's actually bad for you. You can also start to think about practical steps to take to heal, such as going to rehab.

"Jophiel takes care of those whose minds have been blown, either by addiction or a traumatic experience," write Samantha Stevens and Donna Lypchuk in their book The Seven Rays: A Universal Guide to the Archangels. "... As the Angel of the 12 Steps, [Jophiel] is the one to pray to if you find yourself dealing with an alcoholic [or] addict ... If you are having trouble getting with a program, this is the angel to call upon for assistance."

Cut Ties to Substances You've Been Using, With Your Guardian Angel's Help

Stop consuming the drinks, cigarettes, painkillers, or other drugs you're addicted to by committing yourself to the healing process. In order for that to reliably happen, you need to cut ties to the substances you have been using. Every cell in your body maintains the memory of the chemicals you're addicted to, which is why it's so difficult to overcome physiologically. But once you stop putting those chemicals into your system, your body will go through withdrawal and you can move past the addiction as long as you don't consume the addictive substances again.

Your guardian angel can help you cut ties to chemicals on a day-to-day basis. Since your guardian angel is constantly present with you, that angel can direct your attention to every detail that you should change to help you change your addictive habit and move on to a better life. Your guardian angel may guide you to stop going to bars, end a toxic relationship with someone who tempts you to drink or smoke, throw away the painkillers in your medicine cabinet, enroll in a rehab program, or whatever else you need to do to remove yourself from the chemicals to which you've become addicted.

Ask Archangel Raphael to Heal Your Cravings

Archangel Raphael is the best angel to call on to send healing energy your way that will transform your cravings for the alcohol or other drugs into cravings for what's really good for you: healthy food and pure water. Raphael can empower you to resist even the strongest temptation to indulge unhealthy cravings.

"Over the years, I've talked to hundreds of people who worked with Archangel Raphael to eliminate dependencies on drugs and alcohol," Doreen Virtue writes in her book The Healing Miracles of Archangel Raphael. Praying for help from Raphael, she adds, "is extremely effective in stopping addictive cravings. ... Usually, the prayer results in the substance having a nauseating effect, so the person then pairs the addiction with unpleasant feelings."

Ask Archangel Haniel to Help You Fill the Void With Joy

Archangel Haniel, the angel of joy, will give you the last laugh on your journey to overcome addiction to alcohol or drugs. Haniel will help you find fulfillment in a relationship with God -- the source of all joy -- so that, gradually, your desires will change. Rather than seeking pleasure from a chemical substance, you'll find yourself pursuing a closer relationship with God that you enjoy even more than using a drug.

"Call on Haniel, the 'joy of God,' to help you bring balance to your addictions or unbalanced behavior," write Jacki Smith and Patty Shaw in their book Do It Yourself Akashic Wisdom: Access the Library of Your Soul. "She'll show you the wisdom of increasing your personal passion meter with endurance, fortitude, and patience. Haniel will be there to assist when you are ready to be victorious over your own self-sabotaging ways and bring joy and laughter into your life (also known as grace)."

As the angel who delivers God's energy of victory (in Kabbalah), Haniel will empower you to achieve victory over your alcohol or drug addiction -- and she will help you celebrate your sobriety!