How Angels and Trees Can Renew Your Soul

The Angel and Tree Partnership in Nature

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The angel and tree partnership is a powerful one because both are symbols of God's constant presence and incredible strength, and they work together to send healing energy to people. Owl Stories/Getty Images

Angels and trees join forces in nature in many ways that can renew your soul when you interact with them. The angel and tree partnership is a powerful one because both are symbols of God's constant presence and incredible strength, and they work together to send healing energy to people. Here's how angels and trees can renew you:

Giving You Peace

Angels are messengers of God's peace, and trees stand tall as silent guardians of all around them. Both, in their own distinct ways, can help you root your soul into the solid ground of God's loving care for you.

Archangel Uriel, the angel of earth, and the many angels who work with him bring about peace by stabilizing emotions and communicating God's perspective on challenging situations. Guardian angels will constantly watch over you and your loved ones, giving you the peace of mind that spiritual protection is there for you at all times.

In his book Messages from the Angels of Transparency: Powerful Words from Gentle Souls, Gaetano Vivo quotes angels as telling him: “When you don’t feel ‘grounded’, as if you are losing your grip on reality, like you are suspended in thin air without any control over what his happening to you, seek out a place of natural healing. … This process will allow you to regain contact or a physical connection with earth and nature. It will give you a sense of being ‘rooted’ in this world again.”

Giving You Wisdom

Both angels and trees communicate God's eternal wisdom, as well. They've been around long enough to have learned a lot about the Creator and the world he has created. Angels have lived since ancient times, existing through many different generations of humanity. Trees often live to advanced ages; some species live for hundreds or even thousands of years. Spending time with an angel or a tree will connect you with a wise perspective and help you learn lessons that will benefit your soul.

“Trees are mighty creatures with enormous energy. You will sense much coming from a tree, especially the big ones that have been around for a while. These trees have seen it all," writes Tanya Carroll Richardson in her book Angel Insights: Inspiring Messages From and Ways to Connect With Your Spiritual Guardians.

God has assigned some guardian angels to care for trees, just as he has assigned some to care for people. The angels who guard trees and other plants in nature are sometimes called devas.

In Angel Insights, Richardson writes that she saw an image of angels “solemnly laying their hands on plants and trees, sending their healing energy into every manifestation of nature. That’s because the angels are committed to protecting and nourishing nature, just as they are committed to protecting and nourishing humans.”

Trees “have very ancient accompanying spirits that overlight and envelop them," writes William Bloom in his book Working With Angels, Fairies and Nature Spirits. "In their energy field and awareness they hold the history of all that has taken place in and around them. This can sometimes feel poignant as well as beautiful.”

All of that helps explain why you may easily have new ideas come to your mind when you're out hiking through a forest of trees. Praying or meditating for guidance from angels while you're in the presence of trees can magnify their energy, helping you perceive angelic messages more.

Inspiring You to Take Good Care of the Earth

Angels and trees also join forces to inspire you to take good care of the earth's environment, as God calls you to do. Archangel Ariel (the angel of nature), Archangel Raphael (the angel of healing), and the many angels they supervise focus a lot of their energy on environmental efforts -- including nurturing the magnificent trees on our planet.

Angels want us to pay attention to how interconnected nature is and realize how much we all -- humans, trees, and other parts of the natural world -- truly need each other. In Messages from the Angels of Transparency, Vivo quotes angels as telling him: “People need to go back to nature, to embracing trees. Visualize the chlorophyll in trees, as in our bodies; the sap of these trees is as vital as the lymph in our bodies.”

Vivo advises observing "the aura of the leaves on the trees … you may see a white layer of energy around leaves, tree branches, and every living thing.” This will increase your awareness of how connected you are to trees and the rest of nature.

Trees do their part to take good care of the environment in many ways, from putting oxygen we need to breathe into the atmosphere, to providing valuable homes for animals. We can do our part by letting them inspire us to follow God's guidance for environmental efforts.

We can also bless trees, as angels do. “I command trees to be healthy, be blessed, and be beautiful in the name of Jesus," writes Marie Chapian in her book Angels in Our Lives: Everything You’ve Always Wanted to Know about Angels and How They Affect Your Life. "I do believe angels like trees [too]. … We ought to bless the Lord’s creation in his name … Bless your plants, your trees, your flowers, and your soil.”

Inspiring You to Worship God

Most importantly, angels and trees work together to inspire you to worship our common Creator: God. They both praise God, in their own distinct ways, on a regular basis.

In Kabbalah, angels direct the flow of God's creative energy throughout the universe by means of an organizational structure called the Tree of Life. The Bible mentions a Tree of Life that existed in the Garden of Eden before humanity's fall, and now which now exists in heaven with angels. Angels and trees often exchange electromagnetic energy with each other (and the spiritual energy that manifests in miraculous apparitions often grounds itself by trees, as with the Virgin Mary's Fatima appearances).

Chapian describes a beautiful worship experience she had with angels and trees. She writes in Angels in Our Lives that she was once joined by an angel while praying in the woods near her home: “I worship the Lord in prayer, and the tall being in white worships the Lord along with me. He begins to sing. I am quiet for some time but then I begin to sing too. … together our voices sing out the praises of the living God throughout the trees of the woods. Eventually, we’re dancing, this tall being in white and me … I soon begin to hear other voices joining ours and present the woods become alive with joyous voices praising the Lord. I look up at the sky between the trees; it is now filled with figures in white, and they are singing and dancing with us.”

You can experience wonderful times with God, as well, anytime you're near trees and connecting with angels through prayer or meditation. The next time you feel a sense of gratitude for the trees and angels in your life, let that inspire you to thank God for creating them!

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