The Green Light Ray, Led by Archangel Raphael

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The green angel light ray represents healing and prosperity. This ray is part of the metaphysical system of angel colors based on seven different light rays: blue, yellow, pink, white, green, red, and purple. Each color has a different electromagnetic energy frequency, and that can attract angels that have similar kinds of energy.

Another way people think about angel colors is that they are symbols of the types of requests people make to God. When fulfilling these requests at God's behest, the angels are on different types of missions. The colors allow people to focus their prayers according to what type of help they’re seeking from God and his angels.

Green Healing Light Ray and Archangel Raphael

Raphael, the archangel of healing, is in charge of the green light ray. Raphael works to bring people closer to God so they can experience the healing peace that God wants to give them. He’s often associated with joy and laughter. Raphael also works to heal animals and the Earth, so people connect him to animal care and environmental efforts. People sometimes ask for Raphael’s help to: heal them (of illnesses or wounds that are physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual in nature), help them overcome addictions, lead them to love and keep them safe while traveling.


Four different crystal gemstones are associated with the green angel light ray: sugilite, sodalite, indigolite, and angelite. Some people believe that the energy in these crystals can help people concentrate on something they’re trying to understand, calm down stressed or anxious emotions, and think more creatively.


The green angel light ray corresponds to the brow chakra, which is located at the center of the forehead on the human body. Some people say that the spiritual energy from angels that flows into the body through the brow chakra may help them physically (such as by helping to treat spinal conditions, strokes, and vision and hearing problems), mentally (such as by helping them clear away confusion and clearly evaluate various options before making decisions), and spiritually (such as by helping them open their minds to new insights from God).

Most Powerful Green Angel Day

The green angel light ray radiates most powerfully on Thursday, some people believe, so they consider Thursday to be the best day to pray especially about situations that the green ray encompasses.

Praying in the Green Ray

When praying in the green ray, you can ask God to send Archangel Raphael and the angels who work with him to help you heal from whatever illnesses or injuries you’ve suffered in your body, mind, or spirit. God may choose to send green ray angels to heal you directly, or to anoint the healing efforts of medical professionals, counselors, and clergy who are working to help you.

You can also pray in the green ray for your well-being and wholeness. Ask God to send angels to deliver the wisdom and strength you need to make healthy choices, and to help prevent you from becoming sick or wounded whenever it’s his will to do so.

God may send power to you through green ray angels to help you concentrate on the spiritual messages he is communicating to you through angels, so you can understand the truth that they contain.

Praying in the green ray may also help you develop the ability to analyze the various options you’re facing before making an important decision, so you can act in a way that reflects God’s will and experience God’s best for you.

You may also ask God to send green ray angels to help you with financial concerns, so you can prosper by finding the best opportunities to earn an income (such as a new job), and learning how to manage money wisely (budgeting, avoiding debt, saving, investing, and giving generously).

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