Angel Colors: The Light Rays of Archangels

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Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet are the shimmering colors of the rainbow that often inspire people with their beauty. But some people see more than just refracted light in the rainbow’s colors and more than just sunlight in the white light around them. They see rays that represent different ways that angels work in people’s lives.

By thinking of angels who specialize in different types of work according to colors, people can focus their prayers according to what type of help they’re seeking from God and his angels.

Seven Colors of Light Rays

The metaphysical system of angel colors is based on seven different light rays, which loosely correspond to sunlight or a rainbow’s colors:

  • Blue (representing power, protection, faith, courage, and strength)
  • Yellow (representing wisdom for decisions)
  • Pink (representing love and peace)
  • White (representing the purity and harmony of holiness)
  • Green (representing healing and prosperity)
  • Red (representing wise service)
  • Purple (representing mercy and transformation)

Since the Bible describes seven angels who stand before God in Revelation, chapter 8, the philosophic system of spiritual evolution features seven planes of spiritual existence.

Different Frequencies or Just Symbols

Some people believe that the light waves for the seven angel colors vibrate at different electromagnetic energy frequencies in the universe, attracting the angels that have similar kinds of energy. Others believe that the colors are just fun ways of symbolizing the different types of missions that God sends angels on to help people.

Archangels in Charge of Each Color of Ray

People have also identified one archangel who leads all the angels operating within each color ray. They are:

  • Blue: Michael, leader of all the holy angels
  • Yellow: Jophiel, the angel of beautiful thoughts
  • Pink: Chamuel, the angel of peaceful relationships
  • White: Gabriel, the angel of revelation
  • Green: Raphael, the angel of healing
  • Red: Uriel, the angel of wisdom
  • Purple: Zadkiel, the angel of mercy


When they pray or meditate, people may light flames on candles that are the same color as the specific ray they’re focusing on with their prayers or thoughts. They may either write their prayers or thoughts on paper that they leave by the colored candle, or they may speak their prayers aloud while the candle burns.


People may also use crystals of a color that corresponds to the specific angel color they’re focusing on when they are praying. Since crystals retain energy, some people believe that by handling certain types of crystals they can benefit from the energy that’s transferred from the crystals to their bodies.

People may select crystals that match the color of the energy ray they’re focusing on when praying for angels to help them with a specific issue in their lives. Then they may either wear the crystals in jewelry form, hold the crystals in their hands, or simply place them nearby as they pray.


People may also use different parts of their body to pray according to the various angel colors since each of the seven chakras (energy centers of the human body) is associated with each of the seven angel colors.

By linking chakras to angel colors, some people believe that they can optimize the amount of physical, mental, and emotional energy they receive in response to their prayers for angelic help.

While they’re praying, people may do certain exercises designed to open the chakras of different places on their bodies to better receive spiritual energy from angels. For example, they may sing or even scream to open up their throat chakra, they may dance to open up their solar plexus chakra, or they may do push-ups to open up their heart chakra. Certain yoga moves correspond to different chakras, so people may do yoga while praying according to angel colors, as well.

Days of the Week

Since each week on a calendar contains seven days, people have assigned an angel color to each of those days, beginning with blue on Sunday and continuing through the list of colors in order until the week ends on Saturday. People may focus their prayers on a different angel color ray daily, to help them remember to pray regularly about the many different areas of their lives.

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