Amritvela Cheat Sheet

5 Ways to Jaap Naam When You Can't Wake Up

Impression of One Contemplating Ik Onkar During Amritvela
Impression of One Contemplating Ik Onkar During Amritvela. Photo © [Jedi Nights]

Sometimes You have to Cheat or be Cheated

Life happens, but don't let it get in the way of your early morning meditation. Be a soul bride warrior and fight back. Find five ways here to overcome the five evils with this innovative Amritvela cheat sheet that encourages you to jaap naam for 50 minutes by 5 am. Try it for five days.

Meditating for 50 minutes by, or before, 5 am for even just five days can give you a taste of the sublime flavor of naam and inspire you to establish an ongoing Amritvela meditation routine. The Amritvela cheat sheet is for sink or swim situations when stuff happens, unavoidable incidents arise, unpredictable events transpire, health goes awry, distractions occur, and schedules go askew.

Amritvela, the elusive immortal instance of divine inner awareness realized when the ego is surrendered while in a deep meditative state, frees the soul from the effects of the five evils and the shackles of mortality. The Sikhism code of conduct advises that the optimum time for early morning meditation, of the soul bride on the divine groom, is the three hour period just before dawn when the world slumbers. Many devout Gursikhs extend Amritvela to include meditation methods of silent simran or audible naam jaap of "Waheguru" anytime between midnight and 6 am. In our fast paced 24 hour lifestyle sometimes even the best efforts encounter obstacles to an early morning Amritvela meditation routine, but when missing out on Amritvela entirely, one is cheated of its benefits.

It's great when your meditation is going perfectly, but sometimes you have to cheat or risk being cheated by the five plunderers. Did you know that Gurbani addresses the effect of cheating on your Amritvela?

  • "Pae-ee-arr-ai pir chaetae naahee || dhoojai mutthee rovai dhaahee ||
    One who does not remember her [divine] Husband Lord in this world is being cheated by duality; she shall weep bitterly in the end." *SGGS||127
  • "Ounmat maan hiriou man maahee gur kaa sabad na dhaariou rae ||2||
    Intoxicated with self-adoration, you cheat yourself; having not enshrined the Enlightener's instruction within your mind." ||2||SGGS||335
  • "Naam ratan paa-i-ou jan naanak naam bihoon chalae sabh mootthae ||2||8||27||
    Servant Nanak has found the jewel of the Naam; without the Naam, all must depart, cheated and plundered. ||2||8||27|| *SGGS||717

Amrit Vela Cheat Sheet

"Narak parranto kio rehai kio banchai jamkaal ||
How can one avoid falling into hell? How can he [she] cheat the Messenger of Death?" *SGGS||935

You have made a five-day commitment to meditate for 50 minutes by 5 am, but despite your best efforts, you're having trouble sticking with it. Don't give up when your regimented routine breaks down. When life gets tough, you have to get tougher! Put the AM back into AMritvela, turn your soul bride into a warrior and do battle with the five Amritvela thugs using these five little tricks to cheat the cheaters:

5 Little Tricks to Meditate For 50 Minutes By 5 AM For 5 Days

  1. Events have conspired to ensure there is no way you can wake up by 5am:
    -- Before sleeping begin audible naam jaap, take a quick refreshing rinse while reciting "Waheguru" and continue while sitting comfortably until you have completed 50 minutes prior to going to bed.
  2. You are up and have started your naam jaap but are in serious danger of falling asleep and you still have 30 minutes to go:
    -- Keep jaaping "Waheguru" while doing some stretches, if necessary get up and walk until your 50 minutes are complete.
  3. You want to go to Asa Di Var early morning kirtan so there is no time for a naam jap session:
    -- Begin uttering "Waheguru" as soon as you wake and continue while performing isnaan and dressing. Recite "Waheguru" on your way to complete 50 minutes. If you are driving, keep your eyes on the road and your mind on "Waheguru."
  4. The alarm didn't go off, you missed the midnight to 6 am window and the sun is already rising:
    -- Throw out the rule book and start naam jaap while still in bed sleepy head. Continue reciting "Waheguru" while you shower and make breakfast. Keep on japping naam while on your way to school, work, or worship. If there are other people around, just be still and do silent simran until you've completed 50 minutes.
  5. There is no way you can get out of bed for health reasons, or worst case scenario, you are feeling seriously lazy:
    -- Even if you wake up, there is a good chance you will fall back to sleep if you are flat on your back, sit up against your pillows or in a recliner if you can. Recite "Waheguru" if you are able and use the beads of a mala to keep your focus. Just can't stay awake? When you can't use your voice, use your ears to drown out the clamoring five voices for 50 minutes, by listening to your heartbeat, or a clock ticking as you mentally recite "Waheguru" or listen to a naamjaap recording while you snooze like that of Bhai Jiwan Singh Jee singing, "Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru Wahejeeo."

"Jin thug thug-iaa sagal jag khaavaa ||
That cheater, who cheated and devoured the whole world.
So thug thug-iaa thour man aavaa ||18||
- I have cheated that cheater, and my mind is now at peace. ||18|| *SGGS||341

*Translations by Dr. Sant Singh Khalsa courtesy Sikhi to the MAX