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All Hail The Goats Of Mount Capra!

Kudos to Mt. Capra – an awesome little company that, since 1928, has been creating Capra Mineral Whey: a truly outstanding (and delicious, to boot) mineral and electrolyte supplement. The goats of Mt. Capra graze the idyllic pastures of a family-owned farm in Washington State. From their milk the company produces a full line of goat-milk products, whose brightest star is undeniably Capra Mineral Whey -- which has drawn accolades from no less than nutrition guru Dr. Bernard Jensen, among many others.

As always, I encourage you to use your intuition -- in concert with your own research – when choosing supplements appropriate to your unique physical, mental, emotional and environmental circumstances. The following is simply offered in support of that process. Though I love this supplement, use it daily, and don’t hesitate to recommend it highly – it may or may not be right for you.

Capra Mineral Whey: What It Is

Capra Mineral Whey is a golden brown powder extracted – via a low-heat drying method – from goat milk whey. It’s chock-full of macro and trace minerals, including electrolytes.

Electrolytes are minerals -- e.g. calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, chloride and phosphorous -- that carry an electric charge. Their electrically charged ions are capable of conducting electricity in liquids – including human blood and other bodily fluids. Electrolytes help maintain the membrane potentials of cells (which allow transport into and out of the cell) and are vitally important for muscle function, high energy levels, heart activity, and the pH balance in the blood and tissues. Our nervous, cardiac, digestive and muscular systems all depend on proper electrolyte levels in order to function properly. Without electrolytes, the cells in your body can’t communicate with each other to coordinate these important activities. You lose electrolytes when you sweat, and plain water is not a source of electrolytes -- which is why so-called “sports drinks” are designed specifically to replace them.

Both trace and macro minerals are of vital importance to our human body’s healthy functioning. When fruits and vegetables are grown in healthy, mineral-rich soil, they provide an ample supply of minerals to those who eat them. Unfortunately, soil depletion has become a common phenomena – and with it, widespread mineral deficiencies. And so it is that supplements like Capra Mineral Whey become useful and perhaps even necessary – and, for many, a relatively easy way to start feeling a lot better.

Capra Mineral Whey: What It Isn’t

It’s important to understand that although Capra Mineral Whey is extracted from whey, it’s not a protein supplement. It’s high in minerals and electrolytes, but not in protein. The good news is that Mt. Capra does have a powdered goat milk protein supplement – called Caprotein – that is an excellent source of protein. If you’ve been supplementing with bovine (cow) whey protein powder, I’d suggest at least considering a switch to Caprotein, since most human bodies digest goat milk much more easily than cow milk. But this is a topic for another essay …..

Capra Mineral Whey: Why It’s Great

What makes Capra Mineral Whey such an excellent supplement?

* Capra Mineral Whey is minimally processed, and its 24 trace and macro minerals are delivered in harmonious and naturally occurring combinations, within a highly complex whole food form which our human bodies can recognize and utilize with ease

* Has proved useful in providing support for improving digestive problems; resolving fatigue and other stress-related issues; providing relief for weak and painful joints (and other muscular/skeletal issues); and strengthening the immune system

* Replenishes minerals absent in devitalized foods

* Has a taste that most consider delicious :)

* Provides all the beneficial electrolytes found in “sports drinks” – without any of the artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners found in many brands [interesting aside: the Seattle Seahawks professional football team includes Mt. Capra products as part of their nutritional training regimen]

* The minerals in Capra Mineral Whey support the body’s enzyme activity

* Goat milk is most like human milk in its biochemical composition – and hence much more easily digested than is cow milk (oftentimes even by those who are lactose intolerant)

* Happy goats! -- The goats of Mt. Capra are not fed any pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics, or growth hormones – and enjoy a first-rate and entirely humane life, ranging freely in a beautiful environment

Capra Mineral Whey: How To Take It

The most common way of taking Capra Mineral Whey is to mix a level Tablespoon of the powder into a cup of warm water. I prefer heating the water to just below boiling, and then adding a pinch of nutmeg and a splash of half-and-half, along with the powder. I’ve heard it’s great also with warm apple cider – and some prefer to mix it with vegetable juice or tea, or into soup or yogurt, or sprinkle on top of salads or fresh fruit. For those not too keen on its taste, or wanting a super-convenient form for traveling, Capra Mineral Whey is available in capsule form.

And finally, there's also a professional version -- Capra Mineral Whey Pro -- which includes ground rice hulls rather than silica as a flow agent. According to a Mt. Capra representative, a flow agent (in an amount less than 1%) is indispensable -- since without it, Capra Mineral Whey would quickly harden. Apparently, rice plants draw silica up from the soil, and concentrate it in their hulls -- which means that the "natural alternative" to silica is actually composed largely of silica itself, albeit within a plant-based matrix. Anyway, I haven't yet tried the professional version, since I've been more than satisfied with the standard one.


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