All About the Gurdwara the Worship Place of Sikhs

Where Sikhs Worship

The door to the Guru's house of worship is always open and welcoming to the worshiper. Step inside the gurdwara and leave aside differences. A sublime atmosphere of devotion greets the senses. Strains of hymns beckon the ear. An array of vivid hues engage the eye. Bow before the Guru Granth in a moment of humility. A helping of the sacred delicacy, prashad, delights the palate. The scent of food cooking promises the tongue fulfillment. Sit with the congregation and discover a sanctuary for the soul. The opportunity for selfless service presents an unparalleled inner cleansing experience while at worship in a gurdwara.

Gurdwara, the Sikh Place of Worship

Gurdwara means the "guru's door". A gurdwara is the Sikh meeting place for worship. The members of the congregation, welcome all people to worship in the gurdwara regardless of caste, color, or creed.

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Nishan, the Sikh Flag

The Nishan or Sikh flag is displayed outside the gurdwara in a prominent spot. The Nishan is embellished with a khanda, which represents the Sikh coat of arms.

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Guru Granth, the Sikh Scripture

Guru Granth, the Sikh scripture is considered to be the living guru of the Sikhs. In every gurdwara, the Sikh place of worship, the Guru Granth is kept on a platform in a prominent place. Sikhs worshiping at the gurdwara bow before Guru Granth before sitting down. A Sikh sitting behind the Guru Granth selects a random verse called a hukam, which is believed to be the Guru's divine command.

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Prashad, the Sanctified Offering

Prashad is a sanctified offering of a delicate sweet pudding served to each and every person who enters the gurdwara and at the close of every worship service or ceremony which takes place in the gurdwara. The recipe for prashad is outlined in the Sikh code of conduct and conventions.

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Kirtan, the Divine Hymns

Kirtan is an important part of a gurdwara worship service when worshipers participate in singing hymns taken from the Guru Granth. An all night program called Rain Sabaee, is a popular event. Hymns are composed in the classic music system raag.

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Anand Karaj, the Sikh Marriage Ceremony

Anand Karaj, the Sikh wedding ceremony takes place inside the gurdwara. The bride and groom meet with their families in the presence of the Guru Granth. Wedding vows are made by walking around the Guru Granth four times.

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Amrit Sanchar Intitaion and Baptism

Amrit Sanchar the Sikh baptism and initiation ceremony takes place ina secluded part of the gurdwara. New initiates join the worshipers in the gurdwara where services are held:

All About Amrit Sanchar Sikh Baptism and Initiation Rites

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Langar, Nurturing Body and Soul in the Guru's Dining Hall

Langar is a divine dining experience of both physical and spiritual nourishment. Langar means kitchen, but the word is used also for the actual food prepared and eaten, as well as the dining hall itself. Worshipers participate in serving members of the congregation who gather to dine.

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Gurmat Learning Camp

Gurmat learning camp gives instruction about the basics of Sikhism. Classes take place in the gurdwara hall or adjacent rooms on weekends and holidays when worship services are not in progress. Students learn:

About Sikh history (itihaas).

About the code of conduct (rehit maryada).

The Sikh scripture alphabet (Gurmukhi).

To read Sikh prayerbooks (nitnem).

To read Sikh scripture aloud (Gurbani).

To sing and play hymns (kirtan).

To meditate (naam simran).

Sword dancing martial art (gatka).

Yoga stretches.

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