All About Magical Poppets

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The use of poppets is one of the finest and most practical uses of sympathetic magic. Poppets are incredibly versatile, and can be incorporated into workings for just about any purpose you can think of. They've been around for thousands of years, and are still used by practitioners today for healing, protection, prosperity, and other needs.

The use of dolls in sympathetic magic goes back several millennia from an Egyptian pharaoh who was brought down by poppet magic, the use of kolossoi in ancient Greece, and a well-known princess who used pins in a doll crafted to look like her husband. Let's take some time to learn about poppet history and how to make and use your own. This ain't your Granny's voodoo doll!

Poppets 101: A Brief Introduction

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Although TV shows and movies typically show poppets as the stereotypical "voodoo doll," poppets have been around for a long time. There are a number of different ways to create a poppet, and you don't necessarily have to stick pins in them to make them be effective.

6 Easy Poppets to Make

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Want to get started in the basics of poppet magic? Here are a few simple recipes for some of our most successful poppet workings. Use these combinations of material, herbs and gemstones to make magical poppets for assistance with getting a job, silencing a gossip, protecting your family, and more!

How to Make a Cloth Poppet

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A poppet represents a person, so ideally it should look (sort of) like a person. It can be as simple or as elaborate as you like -- it all depends on how much time and effort you want to put into it. Use your imagination! In some magical traditions, it's believed that the more work you put into it, and the more complex it is, the stronger your link will be to your goal. Because a poppet is a device for sympathetic magic, all of its components will be symbols of what it is you hope to achieve. Here are the instructions for making a simple sewn poppet out of fabric.

Magical Gingerbread Poppets

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When the Yule season rolls around, many of us get into crafting mode – and that is as good a time as any to work a little holiday magic. Why not take the holiday tradition of gingerbread men, and turn it into a practical poppet working? Make poppets from felt or holiday fabric, and stuff them with herbs for your magical purposes.

Love poppet: Make a poppet to bring love into your life, focusing on all the desirable qualities you want to see in a potential lover. Stuff your poppet with small bits of rose quartz, rose petals, parsley and peppermint.

Prosperity poppet: Fill a poppet with a bit of cinnamon, orange, or ginger, and maybe even a small coin to get the message across.

Healing poppet: Focus all of your energy on healing someone in need. Fill this poppet with lemon balm, feverfew, ivy, and pine, as well as bits of turquoise and bloodstone.

Protection poppet: Create poppets that represent each member of the family, blending herbs and stones into the clay. Use hematite and amethyst, as well as basil, patchouli, and coffee for filling.

What is Sympathetic Magic?

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You've seen the phrase sympathetic magic, but what does it actually mean? In many traditions of magic, both older and modern, the concept of sympathetic magic plays a crucial role. The idea behind sympathetic magic is, at its core, that a person can be effected magically by actions performed towards something that represents them.

What is a Magical Link?

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A photo makes an excellent magical link.

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In some traditions of magic, you may see the phrase "magical link" or "taglock" used when it comes to instructions on spellwork. But what exactly is a magical link? It's essentially an item that is linked to the individual who is the focus of the magical working. Some of the best magical links are:

  • Body fluids such as blood, sweat, semen, or urine
  • Hair, skin or fingernail clippings
  • A photo of the person
  • A piece of clothing worn by the person
  • Something the person has chewed, smoked, or expelled out of any bodily orifice
  • Something with the person’s signature on it
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