Not Sure What to Do After Prom? Try One of These 11 Ideas

Things to Do After Prom
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After the evening's formal activities have ended, you and your friends don't have to call it a night. There are plenty of fun, safe after-prom activities that parents, teens, and teachers can organize to make your prom an even more memorable one. Start with this list and see what inspires you.

For some of the activities, you'll want to have a change of clothes—especially if your fancy duds are rented and need to be returned in tip-top shape or if your plan is to sell your dress afterward or trade it with someone next year.

Attend an After-Prom Party

Things to Do After Prom
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Some schools offer a sanctioned party after the prom. When this isn't an option, reach out to local teen centers or church youth groups to ask if they would be interested in organizing an event. A post-prom party is often more relaxed and less stuffy than the prom itself, and youth centers offer a safe, supervised environment where you and your friends can have fun. 

Throw Your Own Party

Throw Your Own After Prom Party
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Maybe your school doesn't sponsor a post-prom party and all the parties you know about are at homes where drinking, drugs, or seriously bad behaviors are bound to take place. Why not avoid all the trouble and throw a party yourself? You can determine whom to invite and what food to serve. If anyone owns a karaoke machine, all the better!

Have Late-Night Eats

Late Night Eats
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After prom, food is almost always in order. Depending on when the prom ends, you might be able to get coffee or dessert at your favorite restaurant. Or, if it's late, why not get your best friends together at a 24-hour diner? If you're going to a restaurant after the prom, you will want to have reservations, especially if you're in a large group. 

Watch a Midnight Movie

Midnight Movie
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Want to kick back after prom? What about going to see a midnight movie? Plenty of theaters have midnight showings of your favorite films. No all-night movie theater in your town? Then maybe a movie marathon at a friend's house will do (with all parents' permission, of course). Binge-watch your favorite TV show or screen your favorite scary movie.

Bowl, Skate, or Play Mini-Golf or Laser Tag

All Night Bowling
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Still amped for action? Keep the ball rolling at your local bowling lanes or skating rinks. Many bowling alleys stay open extra late on prom night, and its easy to reserve a lane or two in advance, though you'll need to have a reliable headcount and will probably need to place a deposit on your reservation.

If the weather's nice, you could also take the fun outdoors and organize an after-prom trip to play mini-golf. Many courses offer party packages or private event bookings, though these cost money and will require a deposit. Whether you go bowling or golfing, you'll make quite an impression playing in your tuxedoes and gowns.

If you have a laser tag business in your community and plan to head there, you may wish to change into other clothes for freedom of movement.

Have a Sleepover

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Take it old school and have a sleepover with your friends. If this year is your senior prom, you probably won't have many more opportunities to spend time with your friends. You can stay up all night sharing stories, eating junk food, and watching movies in the comfort of your PJs. Also, this is an easy activity to combine with others.

Go to the Beach

Go to the Beach
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If you are lucky enough to live near an ocean or lake, the beach can be an amazing post-prom activity. Often beaches will allow you to build a bonfire. Check with the park's management before planning the event to find out the policies on large groups, beach-access hours, and whether or not there are grills or picnic facilities for some late-night eats. This is another activity where you'll want to change out of your formalwear.

Go Stargazing

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Going to a peaceful place to stare at the stars means getting away from all the craziness and slowing things down. It's also a nice chance to chat and bond with one another. If your town has a local university, community college, or ​science museum, contact it to see if it can arrange a stargazing outing.

Game It Up

Game It Up
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Bowling and mini-golf are fun games, but sometimes you want to plan games that cost little to no money. Night tag, a scavenger hunt, or hide and seek can all be played late into the night. You may even want to set up a card game, Monopoly tournament, or party versions of your favorite TV game shows. For something more grown-up, talk to your parents and teachers about sponsoring a Las Vegas night where you can play games of chance and win prizes donated by local businesses.

Go Camping

After Prom Campfire
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Some students like to go camping after prom. Like stargazing, it's quiet in wooded areas, and it brings some tranquility to the evening. Of course, the weather can interfere with a camping trip, and you'll need to organize permits and camping equipment ahead of time.

Visit an Amusement Park

Bumper Cars
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Amusement parks usually aren't open late at night, but a group trip the next day can stretch the fun of prom night into the weekend. Some big parks, such as Six Flags, offer special admission prices or packages for high school students during prom season.

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