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Each month of the year is associated with a specific stone - in some cases, two stones. From January's bold red garnets to the speckled blue bands of December's turquoise stones, there are any number of magical uses for the traditional birthstones. If you have any of these on hand - whether it's your birth month or not - why not incorporate them into spellwork and rituals? Let's get started!

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January: Garnet

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Garnets appear in a variety of shades from blood-red to purple, and is strongly tied to the element of fire and the goddess Persephone. Garnets are related to the root chakra, and can be used in healing reproductive disorders and regulation of the menstrual cycle. When it comes to magical use, the garnet is connected to the mysteries of women’s bodies, as well as moon magic.

Monica Tyler of Gypsy Moon’s Caravan says, “A garnet held in the hand or placed atop the head whilst searching or meditating on past lives can be quite useful in bringing about what is being searched for, or meditated upon. Beneficial information for the searcher may be released. Although the information may be painful, it will be what the searcher needs, the garnet is a stone of truth and purity as well as a symbol of love and compassion, simply trust that the information will be released as it is needed for awareness and healing of spirituality.”

Use garnets in rites that balance the spiritual with the physical. Of note, in some magical traditions, it is believed that a garnet obtained through deceptive means will bring a curse upon the person who possesses it, until returned to its rightful owner. Read more about Garnet.

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February: Amethyst

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Amethyst is actually a form of quartz crystal, and appears in a wide range of purple and violet colors. Associated with water, it is also connected to the water signs of Pisces and Aquarius. Use amethyst in healing rituals related to the crown chakra, such as treating depression or anxiety, mood disorders, and stress relief. On a magical level, amethyst comes in handy for sharpening the mind and enhancing our intuitive powers. It can also help with cleansing and consecration of sacred space.

Over at Hubpages, magical gemstone expert CrystalStarWoman says amethyst “is said to aid in the development of your psychic awareness and that keeping an amethyst with your divinatory tools, such as tarot cards, runes and I Ching Coins, will not only increase their ‘powers’ but enable you to interpret messages with greater understanding and wisdom. Amethyst, as a Talisman, helps to bring feelings of happiness, as it is a stone of pure love.”

From a magical perspective, amethyst is a fairly versatile stone. It’s been used in protection, healing, love, and divination workings. Interestingly, the word amethyst comes from a Greek word, amethystos, which means “not drunk.” The Greeks believed that amethyst could prevent intoxication and addiction, and allegedly would drop an amethyst stone into a wine goblet to stave off the effects of overindulgence. Read more about Amethyst.

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March: Aquamarine

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As you might expect, aquamarine is a bluish-green stone. It’s associated with healing magic, both physical and emotional. In addition to calming the spirit and the soul, it can be used in workings related to physical ailments of the heart, lungs, and nervous system. Associated with Poseidon and Neptune, it was sometimes worn by sailors to prevent seasickness.

From a magical perspective, use aquamarine to help clear out emotional baggage from the past, reduce stress, and eliminate anger. In addition, it’s connected to the throat chakra, which is tied to matters of communication. If you find yourself unable to properly express yourself, aquamarine can come in very handy. Some practitioners use it in rituals to allow them to connect to their spirit guides.

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April: Diamond

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Diamonds are typically associated with marriages and engagements, but they can also be used in rituals treating fertility problems and reproductive health, including sexual dysfunction. Tied to both air and fire, with a strong link to the sun, diamonds are typically clear but are sometimes streaked with yellow. It’s rare to find one that’s truly flawless. Diamonds can also be used for workings related to astral travel and scrying, meditation, and intuition.

Some people believe that diamonds will enhance or amplify whatever emotions the wearer is feeling. If you’re feeling happy and upbeat, diamonds are great – but if you’re down and feeling blue, you may want to skip wearing them until things improve for you.

Thanks to its connection to love relationships, diamonds can be used in spellwork related to not only love, but also reconciliation and forgiveness. Read more about Diamond.

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May: Emerald

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The lush green tones of emeralds are known the world over, and it often can be useful in boosting the spirit when you’re feeling emotionally vulnerable. The Egyptians considered it a sacred stone of eternal life, and were used in talismans by the ancient Greeks, including Aristotle.

CrescentMoon over at HubPages recommends, “This stone has been used in love magic, magic to promote sales, to increase public awareness at a firm. You may use this stone to calm your mind as well. It can help give someone the ability to meditate a little bit easier and to understand people as well. It can neutralize negative influences. This stone may also be used to help predict the future... if you want to learn secrets, emerald may also help with that.”

Use emerald to revive lost passion, lift the spirits, restore confidence and self-esteem, or even boost business in times of economic downturn.

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June: Pearl or Alexandrite

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Pearls appear in the magic and folklore of a number of different cultures. Ancient Hindu texts say that Krishna himself discovered the first pearl, which is associated with the moon, and became a symbol of purity and love when he gave it to his daughter as a wedding gift.

Some people believe that pearls absorb the energy of the wearer. If you wear a pearl when you’re angry, the pearl will take on those angry properties, and you’ll feel it the next time you wear the pearl. On the other hand, it’s also believed to hold good memories, so wearing a pearl on the day of a happy event is always beneficial.

Alexandrite is fairly new in the grand scheme of magical crystals and gemstones – it wasn’t discovered until the early 19th century, and was named for Czar Alexander of Russia. It quickly became known as a symbol of good luck to the Russian army, as well as the aristocracy.

Use alexandrite to boost courage and self-esteem, and to bring about success. You can also use it to block negative energy from those around you. Wearing alexandrite provides an extra layer of psychic self-defense

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July: Ruby

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The bright red ruby is July’s birthstone, and is associated with power and strength, as well as passion and recovery. In addition, rubies are connected to mental health. Use rubies in workings related to developing your personal power and overcoming your fears and challenges.

In some magical traditions, the ruby is used to provide self-defense against negative energy and hostile magic, so you can wear or carry one to give yourself a little extra layer of psychic protection. It’s also useful if you need to recover from a broken heart, depressive states, or other emotional issues that leave you feeling down.

Some people believe that a ruby worn on the left side of the body will help to ensure fair relationships with others – if you feel like someone has been taking advantage of your good nature, carry a ruby with you to put you back on equal footing. You can also use ruby’s properties in situations in which you want to influence others to see your side of an argument or situation.

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August: Peridot

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Peridot helps to relieve stress and anxiety, and can be used in workings focused on attracting positive energy into your life. In addition, it’s associated with good luck, balanced emotions, and creating a bit of a magical shield around your. Tuck a peridot under your pillow if you’ve been suffering from nightmares or restless sleep.

Carry peridot with you if you’re feeling agitated, or if you find yourself surrounded by angry, hostile people – it will help you maintain a sense of balance even during times of emotional or spiritual struggles.

In particular, if you’re someone who does a lot of work with healing magic for others, peridot can come in really handy. Known as the healer’s stone, the crystal experts at CrystalWind say, “Peridot helps people who work in the healing field by cleansing their auras and releasing and neutralizing toxins on all levels. Peridot purifies the subtle bodies and mind. It opens, cleanses and activates the heart and solar plexus chakra. A Visionary stone, it brings understanding of destiny and purpose. It releases negative vibrations, and promotes clarity and well-being.”

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September: Sapphire

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Although they’re occasionally found in white or yellow, most sapphires appear in various shades of blue, from pale to dark. The color reminds us of the sapphire’s strong connection to water, and its astrological ties to the zodiac sign of Libra. Connected to the throat chakra, this gemstone is related to treating disorders of the respiratory system and breathing issues.

On a magical level, use sapphires for rituals involving prophecy and spirit guides. In addition, some magical traditions believe that sapphire can be used as a defense mechanism against black magic and hostile psychic attack.

Finally, sapphire is also associated with love and fidelity – if you want to maintain a loyal relationship in your love life, wear a sapphire. However, if the person you’re involved with betrays you, get rid of any sapphires they may have given you as a gift.

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October: Opal or Tourmaline

Opal gemstones
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Opals are found in a number of shades and colors, ranging from opaque and pale to dark gray or blue. They’re typically speckled with multiple colors, which makes them an ideal substitute for other crystals in a pinch. Opal is unusual among the typical selection of gemstones, because it is associated with all four of the classical elements. Opal is often used in spiritual and emotional healing, but can also be incorporated into rites for protection. Opal tends to absorb the energy around it, whether positive or negative, so it’s a perfect enhancer or booster for magical workings.

Tourmaline appears in a number of colors, from black to blue to purple, but pink and green seem to be the most commonly found varieties. In addition to being useful in overcoming one's fears, tourmaline can be used in workings to develop empathy for others, as well as helping to sharpen your awareness of the needs and feelings of those around you. Red tourmaline stones are associated with love, lust, and sexual potency, as well as the creative forces - if you're finding your creative juices blocked, get hold of some red tourmaline. Black tourmaline, which is fairly uncommon but still available, is associated with the element of earth, and connected to rituals for grounding and stability. It's also very effective in redistributing negative energy - think of it as a psychic lightning rod, which takes that negative energy and deflects it away from you, grounding it back into the earth itself.

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November: Topaz or Citrine

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Topaz is one of two stones associated with November birthdays. It is connected to honesty and trust, loyalty and fidelity, internal enlightenment, and protection from deceit. Wear topaz to prevent people from lying or gossiping about you – if someone is spreading malicious rumors, a topaz can protect you from the fallout. It can also be useful if you want to discover someone else’s secrets.

Bethany Schelling at the National Paranormal Society says, “For centuries, Topaz has been worn and kept close to increase intelligence and creativity. This gemstone has often been called, “the stone of love and success in all endeavors”. As early as Ancient Egypt, Topaz was thought to be colored by their Sun God, Ra. Because of this, the gemstone made a very powerful amulet to wear to protect them from harm. The Romans also felt that Jupiter, their Sun God, was responsible for the gemstone as well. Even Ancient Greeks thought Topaz contained powers of strength. It was worn in battles by some, because they believed it would make them invisible during severe circumstances. Topaz was also used by many diplomats to help discover secret plans by their enemies and improve them with strategic planning.”

Citrine is tied to magic relating to success and prosperity, happiness and vitality, and protection from outside influences. Like topaz, it’s associated with the powers of the sun, and can be used to enhance personal power and self-esteem, as stimulating the intellect. If you’re having trouble communicating because you struggle to articulate your thoughts and feelings to others, carry or wear citrine with you.

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December: Zircon or Turquoise

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Zircon typically appears in a variety of colors, ranging from clear and colorless to white, to a pale orange, pink or yellow. Connected to the sun, use zircon in healing work related to sexual energy. On a magical level, zircon is perfect for rituals involving beauty, love, peace, and relationships. Because it is similar in appearance to diamonds, some magical traditions use zircon as a substitute in workings.

Turquoise can be found in various shades of blue, and often appears speckled or banded with black or white streaks. Associated with the element of water, turquoise is often found in the art and jewelry of the Native American tribes of the Southwest. Use this stone in treatments of stomach disorders, eye ailments, and even broken bones. It also comes in useful for general chakra alignments. In magical workings, turquoise is incorporated into rituals to bring about wisdom and intuition.

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