A Parent's Prayer for Teens

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A parent's prayer for their teenager can have so many facets. Teens face so many obstacles and temptations every day. They are learning more about the adult world and taking so many steps to live in it. Most parents wonder how the little infant that they just held in their arms yesterday could have already grown into what is now almost a full man or woman. God gives parents the responsibility to raise men and women that will honor Him in their lives. Here is a parent's prayer you can say when you face questions on if you have been a good parent by doing enough for your teen or if you just wish the best for them:

A Sample Prayer for Parents to Pray

Lord, thank you for all the blessings you have bestowed on me. Most of all, thank you for this wonderful child that has taught me more about you than anything else you have done in my life. I have seen them grow in you since the day you blessed my life with them. I have seen you in their eyes, in their actions, and in the words that they say. I now understand better your love for each of us, that unconditional love that leads you to great joy when we honor you and great heartbreak when we disappoint. I now get the true sacrifice of your Son dying on a cross for our sins.

So today, Lord, I lift us my own child to you for your blessings and guidance. You know that teenagers are not always easy. There are times when they are challenging me to be the adult they think they are, but I know it's not time yet. There are other times when I struggle to give them the freedom to live and grow and learn because all I remember is that it was just yesterday when I was putting band-aids on scrapes and a hug and kiss was enough to make the nightmares go away.

Lord, there are so many ways of the world that terrify me as they enter it more and more on their own. There are the obvious evils done by other people. The threat of physical harm by those we see on the news every night. I ask that you protect them from that, but I also ask that you protect them from the emotional harm that comes in these years of great emotions. I know that there are dating and friendship relationships that will come and go, and I ask that you guard their heart against things that will make them bitter. I ask that you help them make good decisions and that they remember the things I tried to teach them every day about how to honor you.

I also ask, Lord, that you guide their footsteps as they walk on their own. I ask that they have your strength as peers try to lead them down paths of destruction. I ask that they have your voice both in their heads and your voice as they speak so that they honor you in all that they do and say. I ask that they feel the strength of their faith as others try to tell them that you are not real or you are not worth following. Lord, please let them see you as the most important thing in their life, and that no matter the hardships, their faith will be solid.

And Lord, I ask for the patience to be a good example to my child during a time when they will test every part of me. Lord, help me not lose my temper, give me the strength to both stand firm when I need to and let go when the time is right. Guide my words and actions so that I am leading my child in your ways. Let me offer the right advice and set the right rules for my child to help them be the person of God you desire.

In your holy name, Amen.

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