A Christmas Prayer

Remember Why We Celebrate the Season

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The holiday season can bring us much joy and much stress, so having a Christmas prayer in your pocket can help remind you that the season is a time of celebration and peace. This is the day we celebrate the birth of Jesus, and there is so much to be thankful for. Jesus gives us hope and he is our savior. Here is a Christmas prayer that celebrates the birth of our Lord and all the things that God does in our lives.

Christmas Prayer Text

God, thank you for sending your Son to us. I know this time of year, we often forget why we celebrate. We tend to be so caught up in planning for parties and gift-giving that we forget why we are doing all of these things in the first place. Even as we get caught up in the joy, please help me keep my eyes on the reason for all the jubilation. Let me not forget the struggles and strife that Mary and Joseph faced in bringing your son, Jesus, into the world.

Yet, Lord, let me not forget the blessings you bestowed on them. You gave them a great gift of a child and you blessed them with shelter in a time when it seemed they might not have anywhere to stay. And then you brought our Savior into this world to two loving parents and believers who awaited his presence.

May I find the strength that Joseph and Mary had as Mary's pregnancy came into question. It must not have been easy for them in that time. Let me be as trusting in you as they were when they arrived in Bethlehem, where they took a room in a stable, trusting in you to provide. You came through for them, giving me hope that you will always come through for me. May you always be my strength and my provider.

I cannot imagine your sacrifice, Lord, but I know that I am blessed by it. I know that every day I feel your presence and look around the world in wonder at your creation. So this year, as I decorate the tree, this year as I sing Christmas carols, let me not forget that Christmas is so much more than gifts and lights. Provide me with the presence of mind to keep me rooted in faith this season. You know that sometimes faith faces opposition. There are times that doubt tries to creep in. But you gave us your Son, you showed us the light, and let it always guide my steps.

And let the world find the blessings I have found in you. As cliche as it may sound, let there be peace on earth this season. Let us have the hope and love in our lives that you brought us through the birth of Jesus. It is a glorious day, and I'm am happy to be able to celebrate it and celebrate you. Thank you, Lord, for everything.

Lord, I also lift up my friends and family to you. I ask that you continue to bestow blessings upon all of them. I ask that they see you in the glorious light that is filled with your love. May we be able to celebrate together, and give us all a heart for one another.

Thank you, Lord. Thank you for bringing my Savior into the world, and thank you for your blessings on my life. Amen.

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