Miracles in Movies: '90 Minutes in Heaven'

Based on true story of Don Piper's famous near-death experience

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Can prayer make a miracle happen in even the most desperate situation? Are near-death experiences real? What is heaven like? What good purposes may God have for allowing humans to go through pain? The movie '90 Minutes in Heaven' (2015, Samuel Goldwyn Films) asks audiences those questions as it presents the true story that pastor Don Piper told in his bestselling book of dying in a car crash, visiting heaven, and miraculously coming back to struggle through a long process of healing from his injuries.

Famous Faith Quotes

Dick (the pastor who prayed over Don's dead body) to a police officer at the scene: "I know it sounds crazy, but I have to pray for him." Later, when he pulls up a tarp and sees the body, he whispers: "I only know God told me to pray for you."

Don: "I died. When I woke up, I was in heaven."

Don (after coming back to earthly life and struggling with pain in a hospital): "Why would I want them [loved ones] to see me like this? It's awful."

A man who visits Don in the hospital: "Let a few folks express their love by doing something for you."

Don: "God still answers prayers, God still performs miracles. Heaven is real."

The Plot

While driving home from a ministry conference in 1989, pastor Don Piper (Hayden Christensen) died in an accident when his car was hit by a truck. Another pastor who had been at the same conference drove by the scene, and he felt a strong urge to pray over Don's body on the side of the road as emergency medical technicians prepared to take it to the morgue. During that time, Don's soul visited heaven for 90 minutes. He was inspired by what he experienced there and felt at peace, but as the passerby pastor continued to pray for him and sing praise songs to God over his body, Don returned to earthly life.

Don then faced a stressful recovery in excruciating pain. He struggled with anger toward God for sending him back when he had enjoyed a pain-free life in heaven. Don's wife Eva (Kate Bosworth), their children, and their friends and family members help Don realize how he can use his pain to help other people. In the process, everyone's faith in God gets stronger.

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