10 Commandments Bible Study: No Other Gods

Congregation in a church
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The Ten Commandments are general rules to live by, and they carry over from the Old Testament to the New Testament. One of the big lessons we learn from the Ten Commandments is that God is a little bit jealous. He wants us to know that He is the One and Only God in our lives.

Where is this Commandment in the Bible?

Exodus 20:1-3 - Then God gave the people all these instructions: “I am the Lord your God, who rescued you from the land of Egypt, the place of your slavery. “You must not have any other god but me." (NLT)

Why This Commandment is Important

God is good and takes care of us, as He reminds us that He is the God that performs miracles and rescues us in our times of need. After all, He was the one who rescued the Hebrews from Egypt when they were put to slavery. Really, though, if we look at this Commandment is has a purpose, other than pointing out God's desire to be our One and Only. He reminds us here that He is the most powerful. He is our creator. When we take our eyes off of God, we lose sight of our life's purpose.

What This Commandment Means Today

What things are you worshiping before you worship God? It is really easy to get caught up in the daily things going on in our lives. We have homework, parties, friends, Internet, Facebook, and all kinds of distractions in our lives. It's so easy to put everything else in your life in front of God because there are so many pressures on each of us to get things done by a deadline. Sometimes we take for granted that God will always be there. He stands beside us when we don't even feel Him, so it becomes easy to put Him last. Yet He is the most important of all. and we should put God first. What would we be without God? He guides our steps and gives us our path. He protects us and comforts us. Take a moment to consider what things you do every day before you focus your time and attention on God.

How to Live By This Commandment

There are several ways you can begin living by this commandment:

  • Wake up and pray. Put God in your morning routine before school. Starting off your day with God gives us a Godly perspective throughout the day. Still, if you aren't a morning person, carve out some time before bed.
  • Get yourself to church. Sure, you might be sleepy or have a lot to do on Sunday, but spending time with other Christians in church reminds us of our love of God.
  • Join a Bible study. When we delve deeper in the Bible, we allow ourselves to understand God better. We get a grasp on His perspective. A Bible study allows us to get into the Word.
  • Learn to fast. Food is not the only thing you can fast. Sometimes it's good for us to cut out something that is distracting us from God. Try cutting out Facebook for a few days. Or how about TV? Spend the time you would have given to a distraction and give it to God.
  • Learn to prioritize. No matter what things we have on our plate, learning to prioritize will what needs to be done is a skill that carries over into our faith. Really take the time to put your tasks in order of importance. Learn what has to be done now versus what can be done later. When you put your life in order, you find that there is more time for God than you thought.